Passion Projects + Business + A Lil' About Me


I'm Kiera  aka  Kiki  aka  KB  aka  Mocha Gypsy  aka  Your New Best Friend

 I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a penchant and passion for words. As the owner and resident wordsmith of Mocha Gypsy Writing Co., I help small business owners and solopreneurs around the world weave their story into effective, engaging web copy.


I also serve as the Content Specialist for Everwake Co., a startup dedicated to streamlining information on mindfulness and spirituality online in order to nurture meaningful connection and presence offline.


My projects and professional pursuits vary greatly, but I've found one common thread – connection.


Connection is the key to everything – whether it’s helping businesses connect with their customers or helping people find a deeper sense of connection in their personal lives.