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Someone has had your idea. Someone has created a business just like yours. Someone has failed at it. Someone has seen success with it. Someone has done it better.

A business isn't special. In fact, your business likely isn't much different from the competition. You have the same products and services. You read the same blogs and listen to the same podcasts on marketing strategies. 

So, the question is - what's so special about your business?

It's you. Your passion, your expertise, your voice. The way you do the things you do and the way you package it all together.


OR Why You Can't Just Throw Words On A Page

Pictures are pretty, but they can only do so much if a client hasn't experienced your service or held your product (or something like it) in their own hands. Even the best photo can only do so much to show quality or inspire wallet-opening FOMO.


Knowing this, why do so many business owners and entrepreneurs spend their precious time throwing words on their website just to have something there? I love bootstrappin' as much as the next gal, but there comes a time to draw that line in the sand. Do you want apathetic, one-time customers or legions of fans that swear by your product or service and spread their love to everyone they know?

If you're the kind of person that gets stirred by anecdotes and uplifting words, check out my testimonials and my copywriting philosophy. If you're into the cold hard facts thing, just keep reading for some 2019 copywriting and marketing statistics and my takeaways.

  • 90% of searchers haven't made their mind up about a brand before starting their search.

​Takeaway: Potential clients are looking for a reason to love (or hate) you when they get to your website.

  • 50% of search queries are four words or longer. 

Takeaway: Stop trying to rank for keywords like 'barbecue' or 'art'. You won't cut through the existing noise to get your goodness noticed. Long tail keywords are where it's at.

  • 70-80% of search engine users are only focusing on the organic results. 

Takeaway: You can't just buy your way to the top. Well, unless you're Amazon.

  • Using statistics in blog posts improves consumer trust. 

Takeaway: Not a blog but... :)

  • Over its lifetime, one compounding blog post creates as much traffic as six decaying posts. 

Takeaway: Evergreen content is king. Also, you might want to skip the content mills. They're built on churning a lot of content quickly or, in other words, no time to research.

  • Transactional emails receive eight times as many opens compared to regular marketing emails. 

Takeaway: Autoresponders and microcopy matter.

  • Gmail has 1 billion active users worldwide. 

Takeaway: Email is decidedly not dead.

According to AWAI's State of the Industry 2019:

  • The average return on an email marketing investment is $44.25 for every dollar spent. 

Takeaway: Quite simply, it takes money to make money.

  • 75% of people who find local, helpful information in search results are more likely to visit the physical stores. 

Takeaway: Yes, even brick and mortar businesses need a website. Think of it as a digital storefront.

  • 76% of consumers trust direct mail for helping them make a purchase decision - much more than digital channels. 

Takeaway: Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Make room in your budget for online AND offline marketing.

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