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My Personal Copywriting + Branding Philosophy

OR A Permission Slip To Put Personality First In Your Business

Someone has had your idea. Someone has created a business just like yours. Someone has failed at it. Someone has seen success with it. Someone has done it better.

A business isn't special. In fact, your business likely isn't much different from the competition. You have the same products and services. You read the same blogs and listen to the same podcasts on marketing strategies. 

So, the question is--what's so special about your business?

It's you. Your passion, your experiences, your voice. The way you do the things you do, say the things you say, and the way you package it all together. 

How many times have you heard the same message from different people only to finally receive it from that one person who just seems to speak your language?

THAT is the difference between a faceless, monotonous company and one that puts its heart front and center to speak directly to you. 

If you're reading this, it's for a reason. 

Look, there are a thousand other copywriters who can do what I do. They're talented, intelligent, lovely people. I'm sure of it. But they don't speak the same language you and I do. Whether it's the conversational tone, the unabashed quirkiness, or the (ahem...) awkward charm, something clicked within you when you clicked on my site.

Anyone can get one customer, one time. I don't want to nab you a few more customers, I want to stir up your tribe and create a bevy of fans that will use, love, and champion your business FOREVER. I want people to shower you with oodles of money simply for being you.

The only way that will happen is if you let that big, beautiful personality shine through in your branding.

The world has enough bakers, life coaches, and organic soap makers. What the world doesn't have enough of are vegan bakers who donate their unsold goods to a local soup kitchen, a life coach who turned it all around after leaving a toxic relationship, or an organic soap maker who took matters into her own hands after she couldn't find soap gentle enough for her baby's delicate skin.

So, whether you're a little snarky, a lot hilarious, kind of flirty, or very straightforward, it's time to put personality first in your business.

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