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Don't you want to start your business with a BUZZ?!


Congrats! You've made the leap from dreamer to doer and joined the ranks of passionate, smart, ambitious, possibly (slightly) insane entrepreneurs. Now what?

Well, you can bootstrap it. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, the Hive Mind Consultation + Busy Bee Marketing Map are perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners who'd rather DIY it but need some clarity and direction to start strong. 

But, if you'd rather work with a copywriter + brand strategist with 5+ years of experience who:

is equal parts intuition and intellect (yeah, I said it),

will rally around you + your business,

can write copy that makes you want to buy your own service or product,

dreams up taglines (and musical parodies) in her spare time,

loves to pinpoint a brand voice that inspires raving fans,

actually knows what brand voice is...

then call me your worker bee.

Buzzworthy Business Builders include everything you need to start your business with a BUZZ!

For a full list of services just fly on down the page.


The Queen Bee Business Builder includes:

  • Website (Up to 4 pages)

  • Nurturing Welcome Email Sequence

  • Autoresponder Email Sequences

  • Brand Message Strategy

  • Squeeze Page

  • Blogs (5)

  • Social Media Bio

  • Social Media Captions (30)

  • Lead Magnet

  • Lead Magnet Email Sequence


The Busy Bee Business Builder includes:

  • Website (Up to 4 pages)

  • Brand Message Strategy

  • Busy Bee Marketing Map

  • Social Media Bio


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